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January 2005

Design and Construction of Battery Fuses

Each pack in the New Beetle will be fused with large 400V 400A fuses. Unfortunately the fuse holders for these batteries cost $60 each! So custom built fuse holders were manufactured.

Here is how to construct large fuse holders:

  1. 3/4" of phenolic was used as the base. The base was drilled to accommodate stainless steel bolts. A 1" length of stainless rod (1" diameter) is drilled to provide an offset for the fuse.


  2. The stainless steel bolts are set into the base and epoxied over to provide for electrical insulation:


  3. Finally the fuse can be simply bolted on to the holder. The cables use the same bolt as the fuse.


  4. A close up of the rear fuses in their little home.

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